Draw Sailor Moon Step 11

Step 11: Draw Sailor Moon's ear on the left side of the head by using the C-shaped line as a guide. Draw a few curved lines inside the shape to give the ear structure. Draw three tiny circles and a crescent moon shape on her earlobe for her earring.


 Draw Sailor Moon Step 12

Step 12: Sailor Moon's hair is a bit tricky, so it's split into four parts. Draw her bangs first on the top part of Sailor Moon's head. The bangs are made up of many curved lines and arcs that overlap her eyebrows. Use the image above for further reference.


 Draw Sailor Moon Step 13

Step 13: Now draw the back part of Sailor Moon's head as a curved line that extends from the left side of her ear to the top of her bangs. Draw a few curved lines above her ear too.


 Draw Sailor Moon Step 14

Step 14: On top of Sailor Moon's head, draw two circles for her buns, which are also called "odango." Draw a couple more circles inside her buns for Sailor Moon's jewels and a few lines in the odango to simulate hair.


 Draw Sailor Moon Step 15

Step 15: Finish Sailor Moon's hair by drawing long lines on the left side of her head to represent the pigtail portion of her odango. Draw some lines on the right side of her head as well, but make them shorter because the top portion will be hidden by Sailor Moon her face.

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