How to Draw Diddy Kong




Use the video and step-by-step drawing instructions below to learn how to draw Diddy Kong from Nintendo's Donkey Kong video game series. A new cartoon drawing tutorial is uploaded every week, so stay tooned!



Intro: Start off with a pencil sketch. In the beginning stages, don’t press down too hard. Use light, smooth strokes for sketching.


How to Draw Diddy Kong Step 1

Step 1: Start by drawing an oval on the top part of the paper. Inside the oval, draw a curved horizontal line in the middle that contours to the shape of the circle. It doesn’t need to be perfect; it’s just a basic guide for the lower part of Diddy Kong’s head.


How to Draw Diddy Kong Step 2

Step 2: Above the oval, draw the top part of a circle as a guide for the top part of Diddy Kong's head. Draw a line inside as well, but this time make it vertical. Don’t forget to bend it to contour the shape. These shapes are a basic guide for Diddy Kong’s head.


How to Draw Diddy Kong Step 3

Step 3: Below Diddy Kong's head, draw an oval as a guide for his body. The head is covering the top part of the oval, so don’t draw that part.


How to Draw Diddy Kong Step 4

Step 4: On the right side of Diddy Kong's body, draw a guide for his arm. The arm consists of an angled line that starts where the head meets the body. At the end of the line draw a small circle for Diddy Kong's hand, then draw five smaller lines as guides for his fingers.


How to Draw Diddy Kong Step 5

Step 5: Draw a similar series of lines on the left side of Diddy Kong's body for his other arm. Diddy Kong will be waving with this hand, so point the angled line up and draw the circle for his hand on the top along with the guides for his fingers.

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