Draw Luffy 11

Step 11: Use the C-shaped line on the left side as a guide to draw Monkey D. Luffy's ear. Follow the path of the guide as you darken the line for the shape of the ear. Draw a few curved lines within the shape for the inner ear structure.


Draw Luffy 12

Step 12: Monkey D. Luffy's hat and hair can be tricky, so they're divided into a few parts. First draw the top part of the hat as a long curved line high above the eyes that has a diagonal orientation. Draw a few short spikes on the left end of the line that come down to the ear for the back part of the hair. Draw a couple of longer spikes on the right end of the line for the hair sticking out from under the hat.


Draw Luffy 13

Step 13: On the left side of the face, draw a series of long curved spikes to represent the shaggy hair sticking out from under Monkey D. Luffy's hat. The hair clumps should cover part of the eyebrow and eye, and they should get shorter the closer they are to the ear.


Draw Luffy 14

Step 14: Add more curved spikes on the right side of Monkey D. Luffy's face. These clumps of hair should be a little wider and should meet the spikes drawn in step 12.


Draw Luffy 15

Step 15: Draw the rest of the face and neck using the initial lines as guides. Simply draw over the guides and darken the lines. Under the eye on the right, draw Monkey D. Luffy's scar using three small lines.

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