How to Draw Batman Step 6

Step 6: Draw Batman's eyes sitting on top of the horizontal line on either side of the vertical line. They look like obtuse triangles, and the left one is slightly smaller because of the perspective.


How to Draw Batman Step 7

Step 7: Use the square guide to draw in the lower part of Batman's face that is unmasked. Make the top of the square dip low to form a point on the vertical line and form his nose. Also make it angle up slightly at the lower right side to form this cartoon character's jaw.

How to Draw Batman Step 8

Step 8: Draw a small curved horizontal line below Batman's nose for his mouth and another curved line but vertical to the right as a smile line (or in this case frown line).

How to Draw Batman Step 9

Step 9: Use the left side of the main oval to draw the shape of Batman's head. Start drawing the line where the mask begins on the left, make it dip in toward Batman's eye to form his cheekbone and stop drawing the line on the top right side of his head.


How to Draw Batman Step 10

Step 10: This cartoon Batman's ears are basically triangles on top of the main oval. The one on the right dips lower and curves across his head to form the front of his forehead.

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