Draw Flash Step 11

Step 11: Use the initial Z shape as a guide to draw the lightning bolt on the Flash's mask. Simply follow the path of the line and make the shape thicker as you draw. The top should come to a point, and the bottom should be flat.


Draw Flash Step 12

Step 12: Draw the base of the lightning bolt as a long oval. Draw the oval behind the lightning bolt and place it where the original circle meets the Flash's jaw.

Draw Flash Step 13

Step 13: Use the initial line as a guide to draw the lower part of the Flash's face. Give the line a small bump below the eye for his cheekbone and darken the rest of the line.


Draw Flash Step 14

Step 14: Draw the edge of the Flash's mask by drawing an angled line across his face. The line starts at the lower left side of the jaw, then moves up toward the horizontal construction line. From there it angles down toward the Flash's mouth, arcs across the nose and angles up to the other side of the face.

Draw Flash Step 15

Step 15: Darken the top part of the original circle to create the Flash's head and darken the two lines underneath for his neck. Draw a couple more lines inside the neck for extra detail.

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