Draw Tinker Bell Step 11

Step 11: Tighten the shape of Tinker Bell’s nose by making it point upward slightly. Draw a small line to the right of it to indicate her nostril.

Draw Tinker Bell Step 12

Step 12: Now tighten Tinker Bell’s lips. Draw her upper lip as a set of wavy lines, and draw her lower lip as two wide U shapes underneath. Add two small laugh lines at either end of Tinkerbell's mouth.

Draw Tinker Bell Step 13

Step 13: Give Tinker Bell’s ear a fairy look by making the top part pointy. Draw a long S-shaped line within Tinkerbell's ear to indicate structure.

Draw Tinker Bell Step 14

Step 14: Using the main head shape as a guide, tighten Tinker Bell’s face by drawing a line that starts just inside the head. Dip it in to touch the left eye, bring it out a bit to create her cheek bone and curve it up near the bottom to create her chin. This line will end at Tinker Bell’s lower ear.

Draw Tinker Bell Step 15

Step 15: Darken in the two lines that make Tinker Bell’s neck and curve them outward slightly. Draw a small line on the left side of her neck to indicate the beginning of her shoulder.

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