How to Draw Jafar Step 11

Step 11: Use the horizontal line inside the jaw shape as a guide to draw Jafar's mouth. Draw it so it looks like a very wide and flat letter M. Draw his moustache as two thin lines that come down from his nose and wrap around his mouth.


How to Draw Jafar Step 12

Step 12: Draw Jafar's chin and beard as a V shape that starts at the sides of his mouth. His beard is "sooo twisted," so draw a thick zigzag shape for it that ends in a curl.


How to Draw Jafar Step 13

Step 13: Tighten in the shape of Jafar's face. First draw a line that connects his eyebrows, then draw two curves below his eyes for cheekbones and a couple of smile lines (or in Jafar's case frown lines) that connect from his nose to the top of his moustache.


How to Draw Jafar Step 14

Step 14: Using a series of lines, draw in Jafar's turban. It's essentially three lines that come down from the sides of his head and curl up at the end because the cloth rests on his shoulders.


How to Draw Jafar Step 15

Step 15: Draw in the neck portion of Jafar as a V shape below his beard. Draw a line in the middle to represent a fold in the cloth.

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