Draw Pluto Step 10

Step 11: Darken the shapes of Pluto's eyes, and draw a long oval inside each eye for his pupils. Shade in the pupils except for a small circle on the top that represents glare.


Draw Pluto Step 11

Step 12: On top of Pluto's eyes, draw a curved line that resembles the lowercase letter m. This is Pluto's brow.


Draw Pluto Step 13

Step 13: Move on to drawing Pluto's jaw. Inside the U shape below the top part of his muzzle, draw two of lines to create the inside of his mouth. Then at the bottom of it, draw a couple of curved lines make Pluto's tongue.


Draw Pluto Step 14

Step 14: Finish drawing Pluto's lower jaw by following the initial line as a guide and curving it all the way up to his ear.


Draw Pluto Step 15

Step 15: To draw Pluto's ear, simply darken the shape and close the curve at the top with a rounded curve. Draw a couple of curved lines on top to represent folds of skin.

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