How to Draw Sally Step 6

Step 6: Tighten the shapes of Sally's eyes and angle them a bit at the top. Draw a curved line inside each of them to represent Sally's eyelids.


How to Draw Sally Step 7

Step 7: On top of Sally's eyelids, draw a series of V-shaped lines (four sets for each eye) to represent her eyelashes. Inside each eye draw a small circle for her pupil and shade it in.


How to Draw Sally Step 8

Step 8: Draw Sally's nose as an angled line that starts at the left side of the right eye then angles to the left below the horizontal construction line. Also draw a small horizontal line below Sally's nose.


How to Draw Sally Step 9

Step 9: Darken the line that makes Sally's mouth and draw her lips. Draw her top lip so it resembles a stretched-out letter M, and draw her lower lip so looks like a stretched-out letter U. Draw Sally's lower lip off-center a little bit.


How to Draw Sally Step 10

Step 10: Draw a series of lines to the left and right of Sallly's lips that represent stitches. After all Sally is a ragdoll patched together by Doctor Finkelstein.

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