How to Draw Pocahontas Step 11

Step 11: Now draw her Pocahontas' face, keeping in mind that her hairline has many curves. Use the main oval as a guide and draw Pocahontas a square jaw, high cheekbones and a curved hairline that is lower than the top part of the main oval. Keep a small section on the left side open where you will draw Pocahontas' ear later on.


How to Draw Pocahontas Step 12

Step 12: Draw in Pocahontas' ears as two curves similar to the letter C but pointier at the bottom. Draw a couple of lines within her ear shape to represent the inside of her ears.


How to Draw Pocahontas Step 13

Step 13: Darken in the shape of Pocahontas' neck. Tighten the shape of her necklace, making it more square and angled instead of round. Draw a few lines inside of Pocahontas' necklace for detail. When drawing the jewel, remember that it is shaped like two upside-down drops of water inside each other. Darken in Pocahontas' shoulders as well.


How to Draw Pocahontas Step 14

Step 14: This section about how to draw Pocahontas' hair is divided into two steps. First draw the left side as a series of lines that follow the shape of the guide that you drew earlier. Start at the top and draw the lines down to end at the top of Pocahontas' shoulder.


How to Draw Pocahontas Step 15

Step 15: Now draw the other side of Pocahontas' hair by using the original oval to give her head more shape and draw a few lines inside within it. Draw a few lines below Pocahontas' ear on this side that end at her shoulder as well.

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