How to Draw Roxas Step 6

Step 6: Tighten the shape of Roxas' eyes as you darken them. Draw thick spiky lines on top for Roxas' eyelashes.


How to Draw Roxas Step 7

Step 1: For the inside of Roxas' eyes, draw a big thick circle for his iris. Draw a smaller circle inside this one for detail and an even smaller one inside this one for his pupil and shade it in. On the top right side of each iris, draw another small circle to represent glare.


How to Draw Roxas Step 8

Step 8: Draw a line above each eye to represent the eyelids. Above each eyelid draw Roxas' eyebrows. The eyebrows are flat underneath and curved on top. They angle down toward the vertical construction line.


How to Draw Roxas Step 9

Step 9: Draw Roxas' nose using the construction lines guides. The main part of the nose sits on top of the smallest construction line and is similar to a greater-than sign (>). Draw a tiny line on the left for the nostril.


How to Draw Roxas Step 10

Step 10: Draw Roxas' mouth under the nose, sitting on top of the lowest of the construction lines. The shape of the mouth is similar to the letter D on its side. Shade in the right corner and draw a small line to indicate the teeth. Under Roxas' mouth, draw another small line for the lower lip.

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