Draw Elsa Frozen 11

Step 11: Inside each of Elsa's eyes, draw a circle for the irises. Inside each iris, draw tiny circle to represent glare. Draw a bigger circle in the middle of the iris and shade it in for Elsa's pupils.


Draw Elsa Frozen 12

Step 12: On either side of the vertical construction line and above each eye, draw a long, curved shape for Elsa's eyebrows. The eyebrow on the left is higher above the eye than the eyebrow over the right the eye. This give Queen Elsa a more playful look.

Draw Elsa Frozen 13

Step 13: Now learn how to draw Queen Elsa's nose. Draw it right on top of the vertical construction line and near the bottom of the original circle. The bottom of the nose is similar to the letter V, with the right line being a bit longer. Then draw a couple of small, curved lines on the sides for Elsa's nostrils.


Draw Elsa Frozen 14

Step 14: Draw Elsa's lips under the nose just below the main circle guide. First draw a curved line for the mouth. Then draw Elsa's upper lip as a line with two bumps. Draw the lower lip at the bottom as a curved line.

Draw Elsa Frozen 15

Step 15: Use the shape of the head as a guide to draw Elsa's face. Simply darken the lines on the right side, the bottom and the left side up to the ear.

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