Draw Olaf Frozen 6

Step 6: Draw a big shape similar to a sideways letter D as a guide for Olaf's open mouth. Draw it under the original circle on the lower part of the head.


Draw Olaf Frozen 7

Step 7: Under Olaf's head, draw a circle as a guide for the top part of his body. The top part of the circle should be cut off by the head. This circle should be a bit smaller than the circle you drew step one.

Draw Olaf Frozen 8

Step 8: Draw a much bigger circle underneath as a guide for the lower part of Olaf's body. The top of this circle should also be cut off by the circle above it.


Draw Olaf Frozen 9

Step 9: Draw two long lines on either side of the middle circle. These will be guides for Olaf's stick arms. The arm on the right should be raised toward his head, and the arm on the left should face down in the opposite direction. Draw a few small lines at the ends of the arms as guides for Olaf's digits.

Draw Olaf Frozen 10

Step 10: Under Olaf's body, draw two arcs that look similar to the letter U as guides for his short feet.

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