Draw Baymax Big Hero 6

Step 6: On the left side of the body, draw a small circle similar in size to the first circle of the head. This will be a guide for Baymax's hand.


Draw Baymax Big Hero 7

Step 7: Now add two lines to connect the circle to the body to form Baymax's arm. The outer line should be very long, while the inner line should be short. Under the circle for the hand, draw two arcs similar to the letter U as guides for the digits.

Draw Baymax Big Hero 8

Step 8: Draw another circle that's about the same size as the circle for Baymax's head on the upper right side. This will be a guide for the hand on the right.


Draw Baymax Big Hero 9

Step 9: Draw a series of curved lines around the circle to create a guide for Baymax's arm and digits. An arc at the top similar to an upside-down letter U creates the guide for the digits. Two curved lines of different sizes create the guide for the arm.

Draw Baymax Big Hero 10

Step 10: Draw two long U-shaped arcs under the body as guides for Baymax's legs.

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