Draw Nick Wilde Zootopia 15

Step 15: Use the initial triangle-like shapes on top of the head as guides to draw Nick Wilde's fox ears. Follow the basic path of the guides but make the lines curve more on the sides and at the tips. Inside the ears, draw another curved line to indicate the inner ear structure. Add a series of quick, short strokes inside each ear to represent fur.


Draw Nick Wilde Zootopia 16

Step 16: Use the initial oval as a guide to draw the shape of Nick Wilde's head. Use quick, short strokes as you follow the basic path of the oval to create the fuzzy texture of the fur. Draw the line for the face on the right side closer to the eye than the edge of the initial oval. As you draw the left edge of the head, make the line wider than the initial oval to create the cheek. Make the side on the right a bit wider than the oval too to create the other cheek.


Draw Nick Wilde Zootopia 17

Step 17: Add a few more quick, short strokes inside Nick Wilde's head for more detail on the fur. Draw a few strokes around the eyes to emphasize his expression. Add some strokes around the mouth too for the smile lines.


Draw Nick Wilde Zootopia 18

Step 18: Use a series of angled lines under the head to draw Nick Wilde's shirt collar. The middle of the shirt collar should be similar to the letter V, but the bottom corner shouldn't touch. The shape of the left side of the collar should be similar to a rectangle. The right side of the collar should be smaller because of the perspective.


Draw Nick Wilde Zootopia 19

Step 19: In the middle of the shirt's collar, draw a shape similar to an upside-down triangle for the tie's knot. Add two short lines on the top corners of the knot toward the collar to indicate the part of the tie around Nick Wilde's neck. Under the knot, lightly sketch two long vertical lines for the rest of the tie. When you get the position of the lines right, darken them. The lines should end at the lower edge of the initial rectangle. The vertical lines should be closer together at the top and farther apart at the bottom. Draw a V-shaped line at the bottom for the tip of Nick's tie.

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