Draw Moana Full Body Disney 20

Step 20: Use the angled line on the left as a guide to draw the other arm. Follow the basic path of the angled line as you make the shape of the arm thicker. Curve the line to create the forearm. Most of Moana's hand is hiding behind the sash, so only draw the visible portion. Curve the outer line as you follow the guide to create the elbow. Make the wrist thin and the hand wider and round.


Draw Moana Full Body Disney 21

Step 21: Draw Moana's hair around her head using a series of curved lines. Draw a series of short, overlapping lines above the head for the top part of the hair. Follow the basic curvature of the initial circle as you draw the top edge of the hair. For the right side of the hair, use longer, wavier lines. Continue drawing the line from the top down to the shoulder. Draw the left side of the hair the same way but extend it out toward the left more to represent movement. Add the ends of the hair by drawing a series of short, wavy, spike-like lines on the lower left side. Add a few lines on the sides of the body too for the hair peeking out from behind.


Draw Moana Full Body Disney 22

Step 22: Draw the first part of Moana's skirt by drawing a curved vertical line on the right side of the body. Around halfway down the guide for the leg, draw the bottom of the skirt that's made up of triangle-like lines. This line should stop right before hitting the other leg, then connect it to the sash on the left side with a diagonal line. Right below the initial guide for the lower part of the body, draw another line that's made up of small triangles.


Draw Moana Full Body Disney 23

Step 23: Now draw the second part of Moana's skirt by using a series of vertical lines on the left side. The lines should be slightly curved and tilted. Three of them should form the left side of the skirt. Use a series of quick, short, vertical strokes to form a horizontal line across the bottom for the grass skirt underneath.

Draw Moana Full Body Disney 24

Step 24: Use the lines below the skirt as guides to draw Moana's legs and feet. Lightly sketch the shape of the leg as you follow the guide. Use a curved line on the right side for the calf muscle. Use a curved line on the lower right side for the heel. When you get the structure right, darken the lines. Add a small line at the tip of the foot for Moana's toes. The foot is facing left, so not all the toes are visible.

Now lightly sketch the shape of the leg on the right by using the other line as a guide. Moana's leg should be thin at the top where the knee is, then wider for the calf muscle, then gradually thinner again for the ankle. This foot is facing forward, so the sides of this foot should consist of wavy lines. Pause the video and sketch lightly at first to get the structure of the foot right. Use a few short, vertical lines along the tip of the foot to separate the individual toes.

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