How to Draw Tinkerbell Full Body Disney 11

Step 11: Draw the rest of the leg on the right side of the first leg using a couple of short, diagonal lines. Add the foot at the end of the leg the same way as with the first foot. The shape of Tinker Bell's foot should be similar to a triangle , except the bottom part should be round.


How to Draw Tinkerbell Full Body Disney 12

Step 12: On the top, right side of the body, right next to the head, draw a long, curved diagonal line as a guide for the wing. Sketch lightly at first so that you get the shape and size of the line right. The longer the line, the longer the wing will be. Tinker Bell has long wings, so don't make this guide line too short. Draw a shorter line on the top, left side of the head as a guide for the other wing.


How to Draw Tinkerbell Full Body Disney Sketch

That's it for the guides! For the next steps, use darker lines for a more finished drawing.


How to Draw Tinkerbell Full Body Disney 13

Step 13: Lightly sketch two ovals inside the head for Tinker Bell's eyes. Use the construction lines as guides for placement. The eye on the left should be a bit smaller because of perspective. When you get the size and placement of the eyes right, darken the lines.

As you darken the lines, tilt the shapes a bit and make the sides pointier. Add a series of quick, short strokes along the top part of the eyes for the eyelashes. The eyelashes on the eye on the right should be a bit thicker and longer because of perspective. Make the bottom line of the eyes thicker too.


How to Draw Tinkerbell Full Body Disney 14

Step 14: Inside the eye on the left, near the right edge, draw a small circle for the iris. Draw a small circle inside the eye on the right too but place it closer to the middle. Inside each iris, draw a small dot for the pupils. The top part of the irises should be covered by the eyelids.

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