How to Draw Jack Jack Cute Baby Incredibles 25

Step 25: After inking, get rid of the pencil mark s with an eraser.


How to Draw Jack Jack Cute Baby Incredibles

Final Step: Color your Jack-Jack drawing using color pencils, markers or crayons! Color the skin peach. If you don't have peach, use yellow- orange or light brown. Use yellow for the hair and black for the mask. As you add the black, push lighter on a section next to the eye on the right to represent shine. Add black on the collar, cuffs and soles of the feet.

Use red for the rest of the onesie. Add the color lightly at first, and then gradually build up to the level of darkness that you like. Don't overlap the red with the black because you're Jack-Jack drawing may get smudged. Add a bit of brown on top of the red to create shadows and give the figure more dimension. Add the shadows on the bottom and left side to indicate that the light source is coming from the top, left. Use a mixture of dark blue and light blue for Jack-Jack's eyes. Use dark brown for the inside of the mouth and pink for the tongue.

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