Draw Goofy Step 6

Step 6: Right underneath this Disney cartoon character's teeth, draw two U-shaped curves, one inside the other. These curves will be the lower part of Goofy's mouth.

Draw Goofy Step 7

Step 7: Draw an upside-down W that starts at the top of Goofy's mouth and extends about three-fourths of the way to the main circle. This W shape will be Goofy's eyes.

Draw Goofy Step 8

Step 8: Now draw another upside-down W above Goofy's eyes. Draw these curves so they just graze the top of the construction circle. These are Goofy's eyebrows. Finish drawing Goofy's head by connecting the top part of his mouth with his brow, using curved lines.

Draw Goofy

Step 9: Right on top of Goofy's brows, draw three sides of a rounded and slightly tilted rectangle. On top of this rectangle, draw an arc that somewhat surrounds the rectangle. This is the base of Goofy's hat.

Draw Goofy Step 10

Step 10: To finish drawing Goofy's hat, draw a similar set of shapes on top of the base of the hat. This time the three-sided rectangle is slightly taller, and the arc will have more of an egg shape. This will be the top part of this Disney cartoon character's hat.

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