How to Draw Cinderella Step 11

Step 11: Now tighten Cinderella's lips. Her upper lip consists of the small bottom construction line with a short and wide M shape on top of it. Draw her lower lip with two wide U shapes underneath.

How to Draw Cinderella Step 12

Step 12: Using the main head shape as a guide, tighten Cinderella's face. Draw a line that starts just outside the head, dip it in near the right eye, bring it out a bit to create her cheekbone and curve it up near the bottom. Stop drawing the line before it touches the left side of the neck.

How to Draw Cinderella Step 13

Step 13: Darken in the two lines that make Cinderella's neck and curve them outward slightly at the bottom. Draw a small line on the right side of the neck that indicates the beginning of her shoulder. Inside of Cinderella's neck, draw two curves to represent her necklace.

How to Draw Cinderella Step 14

Step 14: Cinderella's hair can get tricky, so the tutorial for how to draw it is broken down in two parts. Use the existing hair guides to draw Cinderella's bangs by drawing a series of curves above her eyebrows. Draw the sides of her hair down just below the horizontal construction line.

How to Draw Cinderella Step 15

Step 15: Draw in the remaining curve to finish Cinderella's bangs. Draw her bun with a series of semi curves right on top of the main head shape.

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