Draw Namine Step 11

Step 11: Draw Namine's mouth on top of the bottom horizontal construction line as a long curved line. Below and above that line, draw a small curved line to represent Namine's lips.


Draw Namine Step 12

Step 12: Namine's hair is quite complex, so this section about how to draw Namine's hair is divided into three parts. Darken the outer part of her hair and make it drape over the shoulder on the left side. Draw a few jagged lines at the bottom for where Namine's hair ends.


Draw Namine Step 13

Step 13: Draw detail on Namine's bangs using the initial upside-down V shapes as guides. Make the hair on the left side drape over her eye and draw small jagged line across the bottom for the hair's ends.


Draw Namine Step 14

Step 14: Finish up Namine's hair by drawing lines all over it for detail. Don't overdo these lines; you're not drawing every single strand of her hair but just giving it structure.


Draw Namine Step 15

Step 15: Above each of Namine's eyes, draw a thick curved line for her eyebrows. You can't really see them because they're hiding behind her hair. At this point, darken in the bottom portion of Namine's face, as well.

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