How to Draw Venom Step 6

Step 6: Use the initial shapes as guides to draw his eyes. Don’t be too precise here. Just draw squiggly as you follow the guide line.


How to Draw Venom Step 7

Step 7: Draw the top of Venom's mouth by using the bottom part of the circle as a guide. Make the line curve upward in the middle.

How to Draw Venom Step 8

Step 8: Add Venom's razor sharp teeth by drawing many thin triangle-like shapes. Make them different sizes and overlap some of them but be sure to draw the ones on the sides a bit smaller and shorter. Also add a way line in the top middle for his gums.

How to Draw Venom Step 9

Step 9: Use the initial line as a guide to draw Venom's tongue. Make it thick at the base and have it come to a point at the end. Leave some room on the left side for his lower teeth.


How to Draw Venom Step 10

Step 10: Darken the lower part of Venom's mouth and add a row of sharp teeth like you did before. Don’t draw the teeth that are hidden behind his tongue and remember to draw the teeth on the sides smaller than those in front.

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