Draw Wolverine 11

Step 11: Draw Wolverine's mouth sitting on top of the small horizontal line. The lower lip rests directly on top of the line. Add some shading on the bottom. Wolverine's actual mouth is simply a line that bends downward a bit.


Draw Wolverine 12

Step 12: Use the U-shaped arc as a guide to draw Wolverine's jaw and chin. Darken the line as you follow the basic path of the arc. Make both the sides of the jaw and the chin wider.


Draw Wolverine 13

Step 13: Now learn how to draw Wolverine's mask. First draw a few lines inside the face for the opening of the mask. Draw a couple of curved horizontal lines on the sides of the nose, then add a few curved vertical lines on the sides between the mouth and the sides of the jaw.


Draw Wolverine 14

Step 14: Wolverine's mask is unique and can be drawn different ways. The most distinctive feature is the flaps on the sides. Draw them as tall or as short as you'd like. Start a line above each eyebrow and move it up, curving above the head. Sketch the line lightly at first to make sure you get the height and structure you want, and then darken it. The final product should be similar to the letter V or U above Wolverine's head.


Draw Wolverine 15

Step 15: Finish up Wolverine's mask flaps by drawing another set of lines on the sides. These lines make up the points on the flaps and should angle in toward the top of the jaw.

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