Draw Johnny Test Step 6

Step 6: Johnny Test's nose is basically just a line that starts above the left eye, moves across a portion of the eye and ends where the vertical line meets the bottom of the rectangle. The line then follows the bottom of the rectangle to the left and curves down slightly toward the right eye to meet the vertical line. This is Johnny Test's nose.


Draw Johnny Test Step 7

Step 7: Draw in Johnny Test's eyebrows as long curved rectangles. Draw the left one right above his eye and make it meet the bridge of his nose. Draw the right eyebrow high above the eye at the top of the rectangle.


Draw Johnny Test Step 8

Step 8: Darken the shapes of Johny Test's eyes except for a bit of the top part. Draw a curved line across the inside of each eye to give Johnny Test that eyes half-closed, sly look.


Draw Johnny Test Step 9

Step 9: Draw two ovals inside each eye except for the top bit that's hidden behind Johnny Test's eyelids. Draw the pupil on the left slightly smaller than the right.


Draw Johnny Test Step 10

Step 10: Below Johnny Test's nose, draw two curved lines as his mouth. The shape should end up looking like a crescent moon on its side.

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