Draw Ben 10 Stp 6

Step 6: Darken the top and bottom of Ben 10's eyes. Inside each eye draw a circle for his iris, a shaded circle for his pupil and a smaller circle on the side to represent glare.


Draw Ben 10 Step 7

Step 7: Above each eye draw thick, angled shape for Ben 10's eyebrows. Draw a small line in between them as a little wrinkle.


Draw Ben 10 Step 8

Step 8: Sitting on top of the small construction line, draw Ben 10's nose as an angled line that goes up to the bigger horizontal line. To the left of that line draw a tiny curved line for his nostril.


Draw Ben 10 Step 9

Step 9: Draw Ben 10's smirk as a wavy line by using the lowest horizontal construction line as a guide for placement.


Draw Ben 10 Step 10

Step 10: His hair can be tricky, so this section about how to draw Ben 10's hair is divided into two parts. Starting where the left ear is, draw a series of lines similar to the letter V going across his forehead on top of his eyes. This will create Ben 10's sideburn and the front of his hair or bangs. Draw another line over the right ear too for his other sideburn.

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