How to Draw Dexter Step 11

Step 11: Use the initial circle shape as a guide to draw Dexter's head. A small arc on the left side of the head makes up his ear. The bottom portion of his head (his chin) points downward, looking similar to the letter V. The right side of his head is rounded to create his chin.


How to Draw Dexter Step 12

Step 12: Draw a series of curved lines on top of Dexter's head for his hair. His hair resembles a fluffy cloud. Use the image above for further reference when drawing.


How to Draw Dexter Step 13

Step 13: Use the initial J-shaped line as a guide for the hand. Thicken up the top part for Dexter's arm. Then draw a wider portion for the beginning of his glove. Draw a few curved lines at the bottom for Dexter's fingers.


How to Draw Dexter Step 14

Step 14: Darken the shape of Dexter's body and make it angle to the right a bit more. Draw a vertical line inside near the right edge for the opening of Dexter's lab coat and a two shaded ovals to represent the buttons.


How to Draw Dexter Step 15

Step 15: Use the original trapezoid-like shapes to draw Dexter's shoes. Draw a small arc on the bottom of each shoe for the heels and make the bases thicker.

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