How to Draw GIR Step 11

Step 11: Inside the body, draw the zipper on GIR's costume as a series of angled lines and zig-zag lines. Use the image above for further reference.


How to Draw GIR Step 12

Step 12: Use the initial rectangle shape as a guide to draw GIR's body. The top of his body should go inward toward the zipper. On the lower left side of the body, draw a couple of lines that come to a point for the tail.


How to Draw GIR Step 13

Step 13: Darken the U-shaped arcs to create GIR's arms and feet. Close the top portion of the arm with a line and draw a few smaller lines on top for the stitching.


How to Draw GIR Step 14

Step 14: That’s it! You now have a nice sketch of GIR from Invader Zim. You can stop at this quick drawing for a rough, sketchy look, or continue to the step below to go for a more finished look.


How to Draw GIR Step 15

Step 15: For a more finished, inked look, carefully draw over the final sketch lines with a pen or marker. Wait for any ink to dry, and then erase your pencil marks. You now have a finished inked drawing of a GIR! You can stop here or go to the final step to complete your GIR drawing in its entirety.


How to Draw GIR Last Step

Final Step: For a completely finished GIR drawing, you have to color it. You can use anything you want: markers, color pencils or even crayons! Color GIR's ears arm, feet and tail black. The main part of GIR's body is light green. His tongue is red, and the zipper is gray. That’s it! You now have a completed drawing of a GIR from Nickelodeon’s Invader Zim.

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