Wanda Fairly Oddparents 16

Step 16: Draw the hand on the right side by using the initial shapes as guides. Thicken up Wanda's arm and draw a bell-like shape at the top for her sleeve. Use the circle as a guide to create a fist using a few curved lines for the fingers.


Wanda Fairly Oddparents 17

Step 17: Draw a couple of straight lines at the top and bottom of the fist as the base of Wanda's wand. At the top end of the wand's base, draw a small star.


Wanda Fairly Oddparents 18

Step 18: Draw Wanda's torso right below her head. Follow the path of the initial rectangle as you darken the lines to create her body.


Wanda Fairly Oddparents 19

Step 19: Now learn how to draw Wanda's other hand. Draw the hand on the left by using the initial line as a guide. Thicken up the line to create Wanda's arm, then draw four curved lines around the small circle for her fingers and thumb.


Wanda Fairly Oddparents 20

Step 20: Use the shape at the bottom as a guide to draw Wanda's legs. Simply follow the basic path of the line as you thicken up the legs, and add a curve at the ends for the feet.

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