Draw Benson 11

Step 11: Draw another curved line above Benson's eyes for an extra wrinkle. Because Benson is a gumball machine and has a glass head, draw a longer curved line on the left side of his face to represent the shine on the glass. Under the nose, draw another line for his mouth. Curve the line a bit to give this Regular Show character that angry scowl.


Draw Benson 12

Step 12: Inside the main circle, draw a series of small, connected, curved lines to represent the gumballs inside Benson's head. Use the horizontal construction line as a guide for the placement of the gumball line.


Draw Benson 13

Step 13: Use the square-like shape under the head as a guide to draw Benson's body. Inside the shape, near the top, draw a heart-like shape with a thin rectangle across it. Below that, draw a trapezoid-like shape for the small door that dispenses Benson's gumballs.


Draw Benson 14

Step 14: Now learn how to draw Benson's arms and legs. Draw Benson's arms by using the initial lines on the sides of the body as guides. Follow the path of the lines and make the shapes thicker. At the end of the arms, use the small circles as guides to draw Benson's closed fists.


Draw Benson 15

Step 15: Use the lines under Benson's body as guides to draw his legs and feet the same way. Follow the basic path of the lines as you make the shape thicker.

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