Draw Ness 11

Step 11: Now draw the main part of the cap. First draw the bottom part of the cap by drawing a line that goes across the top of Ness's head. Then draw the top part of the cap as a long curved line way above the head. Finish off the cap by adding two curved lines inside and a small curved line on top.


Draw Ness 12

Step 12: Add Ness's hair coming out of the hat. Draw three small curved lines in the section above the eyes in the middle. Then draw a V-shaped line on either side of the head for the hair on the sides.


Draw Ness 13

Step 13: Use the initial circle as a guide to draw the rest of Ness's head. Darken the lines for the face and add two small curved lines on either side of the head for the ears.


Draw Ness 14

Step 14: Draw the hand showing the peace symbol by using the initial shapes as guides. Follow the basic path of the circle to draw the bottom part of Ness's hand. Add the thumb inside as a couple of curved lines. Draw the two extended fingers using the smaller lines as guides. Then add the folded fingers on the side.


Draw Ness 15

Step 15: Use the line as a guide to draw the rest of the arm on the left. Follow the path of the guide as you make the arm thicker. At the bottom, draw Ness's shirt's sleeve by using an oval and a couple of curved lines.

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