Draw Toothless Dragon 11

Step 11: Despite the name Toothless, he actually has teeth that appear on command! Draw the teeth as little hill-like shapes that line the top and bottom of the mouth. Add a few lines connecting the teeth to represent the inside of the mouth and gums.


Draw Toothless Dragon 12

Step 12: Under the horizontal construction line and on either side of the vertical construction line, draw to tiny slit-like lines for the nostrils. Add a couple more lines above the nostrils for extra detail on the face.

Draw Toothless Dragon 13

Step 13: Use the arcs on top of the head to draw Toothless' ears. Follow the basic path of the arcs as you darken the lines but make the ears narrower and curvier. The lines for the ears should stretch in toward the head a little bit.


Draw Toothless Dragon 14

Step 14: Add two more tiny arcs in between the ears for the horn-like scales on top of Toothless' head. The shape on the right should be a bit bigger.


Draw Toothless Dragon 15

Step 15: Use the arcs on the side of Toothless' head to draw the other horn-like protrusions. Below those two shapes, draw another set of even smaller arcs.

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