Draw Raphael Ninja Turtle 6

Step 6: Use the initial football-like shapes as guides to draw the outline of Raphael's eyes. Follow the basic path of the shapes but make the eyes a bit more narrow and furrowed.


Draw Raphael Ninja Turtle 7

Step 7: Inside each eye, draw a circle for the irises. Inside each iris, in the middle, draw another circle and shade it in for the pupils. Draw a tiny circle inside each of Raphael's eyes, off to the side, to represent glare.


Draw Raphael Ninja Turtle 8

Step 8: Raphael's eye mask is a bit tricky, so it's divided into two parts. First draw the top part as a wavy line above the eyes. The line should dip in the middle and point up on either end.


Draw Raphael Ninja Turtle 9

Step 9: Now add the second part of Raphael's mask as a curved line below the eyes. The bottom part of this line should be almost parallel to the horizontal construction line. The sides should curve up and meet the top part of the mask. The sides should also be inside the main circle and not touch its sides.


Draw Raphael Ninja Turtle 10

Step 10: Draw Raphael's mouth as a rectangle-like shape near the bottom of the main circle. The top part of the mouth shape is just a wavy line that dip down in the middle and on the sides. The bottom part of the mouth is a horizontal line that curves up at the ends. Notice that the bottom corners of this Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle's mouth are very close to the edge of the main circle, but they don't touch.

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