Draw Barbie Doll 11

Step 11: Inside each eye, draw a circle for the irises. Inside each iris, in the middle, draw another circle and shade it in for the pupils. Draw a tiny circle inside each eye, off to the side, to represent glare. Above the shape of each eye, draw a curved line for Barbie's eyelids.


Draw Barbie Doll 12

Step 12: Above each eye, draw a curved line for Barbie's eyebrows. The shape of the eyebrows should be thicker toward the center and thinner toward the sides of the head. They should also angle downward toward the vertical construction line.

Draw Barbie Doll 13

Step 13: Barbie's nose can be a bit tricky, so it's divided into two parts. First draw the center of the nose close to the bottom edge of the main circle. This line should be similar in shape to a curved letter V. Draw a couple of tiny ovals on the sides and shade them in for the nostrils.


Draw Barbie Doll 14

Step 14: Now add the sides of Barbie's nostrils by drawing short curved lines on the left and right of the shape you just drew. Draw a longer curved line on top for the bridge of Barbie's nose.

Draw Barbie Doll 15

Step 15: Barbie's lips are also broken down into two steps. Use the initial D-shape as a guide as you draw them. First draw the top lip by following the basic path of the guide and making the shape thicker. The sides of the top lip should be thinner and end at a point.

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