Draw Anger Inside Out 11

Step 11: Below Richard Watterson's eyes, where the two construction lines intersect, draw a small oval for the nose. Under the nose, draw a small line for the upper part of the mouth.


Draw Anger Inside Out 12

Step 12: Under the nose, draw a big shape for the open mouth. The shape of the mouth is similar to an oval that bends up a bit. The bottom part of Richard Watterson's mouth should touch the top part of the initial rectangle guide.


Draw Anger Inside Out 13

Step 13: Inside Richard Watterson's mouth on the top part, draw a curved line for the tooth. On the bottom left side of the mouth, draw another curved line for the tongue. Outside of the mouth on the bottom, draw a long curved line for the bottom lip.


Draw Anger Inside Out 14

Step 14: Use the initial shapes and lines as guides to draw the shape of Richard Watterson's head. Follow the basic path of the initial circle but make an indentation on the upper right side to create the cheek.


Draw Anger Inside Out 15

Step 15: Use lines on top of the head as guides to draw Richard Watterson's ears. Draw the ears as arcs on top of the head and use the lines to establish the height of the arcs.

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