How to Draw Cartoon Football Player 16

Step 16: To the right of the knee, draw two horizontal lines for the lower part of the leg. To the right, draw a thin shape that has pointy tip pointing down for the football player's shoe. Draw a series of small, V-shaped lines along the sole of the cleat or the spikes.


How to Draw Cartoon Football Player 17

Step 17: Add a few extra details to your football player drawing like a stripe on the helmet. Add your favorite team's logo on the side or just draw a small circle for simplicity. Add a number to the jersey on the shoulder pads and on the front. You can draw your favorite number; it doesn't have to be 7. Just make it big and blocky. Draw a stripe on the football player's pants using a couple of long , curved lines. On the right side, draw a towel using a series of curved lines. You can skip this part if you'd like.




How to Draw Cartoon Football Player 18

Step 18: Using a pen or marker, carefully go over the lines to make your football player drawing permanent. After inking, get rid of every pencil mark with an eraser.


How to Draw Cartoon Football Player

Final Step: Color your football player drawing using color pencils, markers or crayons! You can use your favorite football team's colors. Like green and yellow for the Packers or red and gold for the 49ers. For this look using the Cowboys colors, use blue for the jersey, helmet details and cleats and gray for the pants, helmet and gloves. Use light brown or peach for the skin and brown for the football. Don't forget to pause the video to draw at your own pace.

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