How to Draw Cricket Green Big City Greens 10

Step 10: Inside each eye, draw a big dot for the pupils on this Big City Greens character. The pupil on the right should be near the middle of the eye, while the one on the left should be closer to the right. Above the eyes, draw two small, bean-like shapes for the eyebrows. Draw Cricket's eyebrows directly on the edge of the big circle. You can shade them in now or color them later.

How to Draw Cricket Green Big City Greens 11

Step 11: Below the eyes, draw a big, curved shape for the open mouth. The top edge of Cricket Green's mouth should be very close to the eyes. The right side shouldn't extend farther than the eyes. The shape of the open mouth should be bean-like like the eyebrows but a lot bigger. Follow the curvature of the big circle as you draw the bottom edge of the open mouth.

How to Draw Cricket Green Big City Greens 12

Step 12: Inside the mouth, at the top, draw a curved line for the buck teeth. Draw a line inside the shape to separate the teeth. Draw a curved line at the bottom for Cricket's tongue.

How to Draw Cricket Green Big City Greens 13

Step 13: On the right side of the head, draw a curved line for Cricket Green's ear. Use the horizontal construction line as a guide for the ear's position. The shape should be similar to a backward letter C.

How to Draw Cricket Green Big City Greens 14

Step 14: Above the ear draw a long, horizontal line for the first part of the hair. On the ends of this line, draw two shorter lines that curve up for the front and back of the parted hair. Draw a long line from above the eyebrows to the right edge to complete the right part of Cricket Green's hair. Between the eyebrows, at the bottom, draw a small, curved, V-shaped line for the widows peak. On the left side, draw a long, curved line for the parted hair's other side.

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