How to Draw Naruto Step 11

Step 11: Naruto's hair is a bit tricky, so this section about how to draw Naruto's hair is broken down in two parts. Essentially, you just need to draw a series of curved triangles above his headband.


How to Draw Naruto Step 12

Step 12: Draw the other half of Naruto's hair using more curved triangles. Be sure to draw a couple of hair clumps overlapping Naruto's headband to show that they're in front of it.

How to Draw Naruto Step 13

Step 13: Darken in the shape of Naruto's headband. Make it wider on the sides so it comes out of the head shape slightly. Inside the headband, draw his metal plate, which is a rectangle with rounded edges. Draw a few lines inside the rectangle near the top to give it thickness and dimension.


How to Draw Naruto Step 14

Step 14: Draw the shape inside of Naruto's headband, which is just a coil with a triangle coming off the lower left side of it. Draw in three small circles on either side of the plate to represent the hardware that keep it attached to the headband.

How to Draw Naruto Step 15

Step 15: Tighten the shape of Naruto's face by making it narrower. Draw the right side of it so it comes up along the inside of his ear. Draw in some jagged lines on the right side below the headband to represent Naruto's sideburn.

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