Draw Princess Peach Step 11

Step 11: Her hair is tricky, so this section about how to draw Princess Peach's hair is divided in two parts. First draw in the inside part of her hair, the part that comes over her face. Draw a curved V shape for her bangs and draw a series of vertical curved lines for the sides of Princess Peach's hair. The outer edges of these lines should end up at the horizontal construction line.


Draw Princess Peach Step 12

Step 12: Now darken in the outer part of Princess Peach's hair by using the guide drawn earlier. Follow this guide, but draw in a series of curved spikes along the sides of her hair. Also dip the top part of her hair in the middle so it compliments her bangs and forms kind of a heart shape.


Draw Princess Peach Step 13

Step 13: Draw in two C-shaped curves on the either side of the inside of Princess Peach's hair for her ears. Below each ear, draw her earrings as circles (or most of a circle because it will be covered by her hair).


Draw Princess Peach Step 14

Step 14: Darken in the bottom part of Princess Peach's face and the top part of her neck.


Draw Princess Peach Step 15

Step 15: Draw in the collar of Princess Peach's dress by using a series of curves that sit on a horizontal line and go around her neck. Use the image above for reference for how to draw Princess Peach's collar..

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