How to Draw Isabelle Animal Crossing Nintendo Guides Lines

That's it for the guides! For the next steps, use darker lines for a more defined drawing.

How to Draw Isabelle Animal Crossing Nintendo 6

Step 6: Inside the head, directly on top of the horizontal construction line, lightly sketch two small ovals for Isabelle's eyes. Darken the eyes when you get the shapes right. Inside each eye, draw an even smaller oval for highlights. Shade Isabelle's eyes but don't overlap the small highlight circles. The eye on the right should be higher because the head is tilted. Above each eye, draw a small but thick rectangular shape for the eyelashes. Just like with the eyes, draw the shape first and then shade it in. Don't overlap the highlight circles.

How to Draw Isabelle Animal Crossing Nintendo 7

Step 7: Below the area where the construction lines intersect, draw a small, oval-like shape for this Animal Crossing character's nose. Make the bottom edge a bit pointy. Shade the nose except for a sliver at the top that represents highlight.

How to Draw Isabelle Animal Crossing Nintendo 8

Step 8: Below the nose, draw a long, curved, horizontal line for the top part of Isabelle's open mouth. Draw another curved line below for the bottom part of the open mouth. This line should be close to the main circle. Inside the mouth at the top, draw a small, square-like shape for the teeth. Add a curved line at the bottom for Isabelle's tongue.

How to Draw Isabelle Animal Crossing Nintendo 9

Step 9: Draw a couple of long lines over the eyes that curve outward for the first part of Isabelle's hair. These lines should start at the top of the vertical construction line, and they should graze the tops of the eyes. At the top, follow the edge of the initial circle to draw the top part of this Nintendo character's hair. The shape of the hair should be wider than the initial circle, and it should dip a bit in the middle. Draw a few short, curved lines along the bottom of the shape for the clumps of hair.

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