Draw Dr. Eggman 6

Step 6: Use the egg shape as a guide to draw Dr. Eggman's nose. Make it narrower at the top and bottom and draw a couple of arcs on the sides.


Draw Dr. Eggman 7

Step 7: Drawing Dr. Eggman's mustache is a bit tricky, so it's divided into four steps. First draw the top part of the left side as a series of spikes curving up. The line starts on the side of the nose and curves under the eye. You can make the mustache as long or as big as you want, and you can make it bushier by adding more spikes.


Draw Dr. Eggman 8

Step 8: Now draw the bottom part of the left side of Dr. Eggman's mustache. Draw the spikes that come to an end on the side of the nose. This time the spikes should curve down.


Draw Dr. Eggman 9

Step 9: Draw the top part of the right side of Dr. Eggman's mustache the same way. Start the line on the side of the nose, under the eye and draw a series of curved spikes to the right. Try to draw this side similar to the other side in length and width, but they don't have to be exactly the same.


Draw Dr. Eggman 10

Step 10: Finish up Dr. Eggman's mustache by drawing the bottom part of the right side. Remember to curve the spikes downward this time.

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