Draw Amy Rose 11

Step 11: Right on top of where the construction lines meet, draw the nose. The shape of Amy Rose's nose is similar to an upside-down triangle with bulgy sides and rounded top corners. Shade in the inside except for a tiny circle to represent glare.


Draw Amy Rose 12

Step 12: Use the shape on the lower, left side of the head as a guide to draw Amy Rose's mouth. Follow the basic path of the shape as you darken the lines to form the outline of the mouth. Make the lines bend more. Inside the shape of the mouth, draw a curved line for the tongue inside.


Draw Amy Rose 13

Step 13: Draw a series of long curved lines on the left side of the main circle for Amy Rose's hair. The hair is made up of long curved shapes that come to a point at the bottom. The shape closest to Amy Rose's eye should be the biggest. The second shape should be smaller, and the last shape is basically a line that goes up to the ear.


Draw Amy Rose 14

Step 14: Use the horizontal construction line and the bottom edge of the circle as guides to draw the bottom portion of Amy Rose's face or the muzzle. The top line should curve over the nose, while the bottom line should basically follow the path of the bottom edge of the main circle.


Draw Amy Rose 15

Step 15: Draw a couple of lines behind the ear that come to a point on the left side to make up the hairband on Amy Rose's head. Draw another curved line above that for the top part of the head. On the right side of the head, draw a couple more lines that come to a point at the bottom for the the right side of Amy Rose's hair.

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