Draw Mr Krabs 11

Step 11: Inside the top part of Mr. Krabs' mouth, draw a long line for the teeth and a curved line at the bottom for his tongue. Draw a small line on the right side to finish off the mouth.


Draw Mr Krabs 12

Step 12: Now learn how to draw Mr. Krabs' arm. Draw the arm on the left using the line and circle as guides. Draw bell-like shape at the top part of the arm for his shirt sleeve. Then follow the basic path of the guide line as you make the arm thicker. Darken the basic shape of the circle except for the top. At the top, draw a squiggly line for the opening of the crab claw.


Draw Mr Krabs 13

Step 13: Near the top of the head, in between Mr. Krabs' eyes, draw a short, zigzag shape for his nose. The nose should have three bumps on top and three on the bottom, and it comes to a point. Darken the shape of the small hill to create the head and draw a few jagged angles on the left side.


Draw Mr Krabs 14

Step 14: Now learn how to draw Mr. Krabs' shirt. At the top of the original oval, draw two curved lines for the top and bottom part of his shirt. At the top part of the shirt, draw three triangle-like shapes for the shirt collar.


Draw Mr Krabs 15

Step 15: Now draw Mr. Krabs' arm on the right side using the line and circle as a guide. Draw the shirt sleeve a the base of the arm, then thicken the guide line to create Mr. Krabs' actual arm. Darken the basic circle except for the top part. Inside the circle, draw a couple of squiggly lines to represent the opening of the crab claw.

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