How to Draw Star Wars BB-8

Use the video and step-by-step drawing instructions below to learn how to draw BB-8 from Star Wars: The Force Awakens. A new cartoon drawing tutorial is uploaded every week, so stay tooned!


The speed drawing video:


The written step-by-step video tutorial:


Intro: Start off with a pencil sketch. In the beginning stages, don’t press down too hard. Use light, smooth strokes for sketching.


Draw BB-8 Force Awakens 1

Step 1: Draw a big circle near the bottom of the page as a guide for BB-8's body. First draw some marks for the height and width of the circle, then connect the marks using curved lines. BB-8's body is basically perfectly spherical, so unlike with other tutorials, try to draw a pretty perfect circle. If you're having trouble drawing a perfect circle, simply trace the edge of a bowl, a cup or anything else that's circular. Be sure to leave enough room at the top for BB-8's head.


Draw BB-8 Force Awakens 2

Step 2: Draw a half- circle on top of the body as a guide for BB-8's head. First draw a straight line right on top of the body that slopes slightly to the right. Then draw a mark on top to indicate the height of the half-circle and close the sides using curved lines. If you're having difficulty gettting the dome right, trace the edge of a circular object and use a ruler for the bottom line.


Draw BB-8 Force Awakens 3

Step 3: Draw two intersecting lines inside the half-circle, one horizontal and one vertical. Curve the lines to contour to the head. These construction lines will help you place the features on BB-8's head later.


Draw BB-8 Force Awakens 4

Step 4: Draw a couple of construction lines inside BB-8's body as well. Curve the lines so that they follow the shape of the shperical body. The vertical line should be placed close to the left side, while the horizontal line should be near the middle.


Draw BB-8 Force Awakens Sketch

That's it for the guides! For the next steps, use darker lines for a more finished drawing.


Draw BB-8 Force Awakens 5

Step 5: Use the half-circle at the top as a guide to draw BB-8's head. Make the bottom part of the head extend toward the inside of the body a bit. Then darken the outline of the half- circle to create the shape of the head. Draw a small line at the top of the head, near the middle, for the first antenna. Draw a slightly longer line to the right of the first one for BB-8's second antenna.


Draw BB-8 Force Awakens 6

Step 6: Draw a circle near the middle of the head for BB-8's primary lens. The circle should be sitting right on top of the horizontal construction line and be divided by the vertical line. Sketch the lens lightly at first, and when you get the shape and placement right, darken the line. Draw an extra line on the lower right side of BB-8's lens for a base.


Draw BB-8 Force Awakens 7

Step 7: Draw two lines right above the lens but below the top of the dome. The lines should be parallel to each other and slope slightly to the right. Add another set of parallel lines at the bottom of head near the base. BB-8 is mainly white but has some gray and orange sections. These lines are some of the gray sections.


Draw BB-8 Force Awakens 8

Step 8: Draw a smaller circle, inside BB-8's head, to right of the first one, for the base of the second lens. Use the construction lines as guides for the placement and size. Add an even smaller circle inside for the actual lens. Draw two even smaller circles inside each other, right under the first lens, for an indentation BB-8 has there.


Draw BB-8 Force Awakens 9

Step 9: Draw a series of rectangular shapes within BB-8's head for the orange- colored sections. First draw two long, rectangular shapes on either side of the first lens, near at the top. Then draw a row of smaller, shorter rectangles lining the bottom part of BB-8's head. As you draw the row of rectangles, alternate between big and small sizes. Only draw the shapes on the sides, not near the middle where the circular indentation is.


Draw BB-8 Force Awakens 10

Step 10: Draw a C-shaped line inside BB-8's body, above the horizontal line, for the base of the lighter. Add a small circle within the C-shaped line. And draw two lines to the left of it for the rod that holds the lighter. These two lines almost reach the edge of the body. Sketch them lightly at first to get them right. Add two more lines that are closer together for the tip of the rod that holds the lighter. You can also skip the steps for the lighter if you want a simpler version of BB-8.


Draw BB-8 Force Awakens 11

Step 11: Draw another set of circles at the end of BB-8's rod for the lighter's gear. Add a curved line over the gear and a tiny circle on top of it for the lighter's base. The acutal flame is made up of two wavy lines that come to a point at the top.


Draw BB-8 Force Awakens 12

Step 12: Now draw the opening on BB-8's body where the lighter and rod are coming from. Follow the vertical construction line as you draw the right side of the opening. Draw the top part of the opening using a series of short lines. Don't overlap the lines for the lighter. The shape is a bit tricky, so use the image above for reference.


Draw BB-8 Force Awakens 13

Step 13: Draw BB-8's metal flap that swings open to the left of the last shape. The shape of this flap is basically the mirror image of the opening from the previous step. Add a few squares within the shape of the flap for extra detail.


Draw BB-8 Force Awakens 14

Step 14: Draw a circle inside BB-8's body, on the top left side, surrounding the opening from the previous steps. First draw four marks for the circle's height and width, then connect those marks using curved lines. Use the construction lines to help you correctly place the marks that indicate the height and width of the circle. Sketch the circle lightly at first. When you get the shape right, darken the lines.


Draw BB-8 Force Awakens 15

Step 15: Using a few curved lines, draw the design within the circle created in the previous step. Draw a small indentation at the top of the circle where the opening is. Now draw the indentation at the bottom of the circle, opposite the top indentation. Now draw the indentations on the sides. All of these indentations should be evenly spaced for a symmetrical design. The indentations on BB-8 should be connected using curved lines that are parallel to the circle from the previous step.


Draw BB-8 Force Awakens 16

Step 16: Draw the other circles on BB-8's body using a series of long, curved lines. Because the body is spherical, only a portion of the circles will be visible. Pay attention to the size of the circles and the distance between them.


Draw BB-8 Force Awakens 17

Step 17: Draw the design inside these circles using a series of curved lines. The curved sides of this design should be parallel to the outer circles from the previous step. Give the line a few indentations as you draw the design within the circles.


Draw BB-8 Force Awakens 18

Step 18: Draw a few rectangle-like shapes in the middle of the circles to finish the design. The design for the circle on the right consists of a rectangle- like shape fused with a circular shape.


Draw BB-8 Force Awakens 19

Step 19: Darken the outline of the main circle to create BB-8's body. Darken the bits of construction lines outside of the circles for the different sections of the body. Draw a small circle at the corner of each section for the bolts holding them together. Add a few extra shapes on the outer edges of the circles for extra detail.


Draw BB-8 Force Awakens 20

Step 20: For a more finished look, carefully go over the final sketch lines with a pen or marker.


Draw BB-8 Force Awakens 21

Step 21: After inking, get rid of every pencil mark with an eraser for a cleaner drawing.


Draw BB-8 Force Awakens

Final Step: Color your BB-8 drawing using color pencils, markers or even crayons! Use yellow-orange for part of the head and the circles in the body. Add gray to the metallic sections on the head and inside the circles. Use red and green for some of the lights on BB-8. Color the lenses and the opening in the body black. BB-8 is white but is a little dirty, so add a liberal amount of peach or light brown randomly all over the body. Add some gray to the right side of the body for a shadow and to make the shapes more three-dimensional. Color the flame blue.

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