Draw Cinderella Dress 15

Step 15: Draw the front part of Cinderella's hair by first drawing a long, curved line on the top right side of the head. Now draw a smaller curved line to the left of it. To the left of that line, draw an even smaller curved line.


Draw Cinderella Dress 16

Step 16: Follow the curvature of the initial circle to draw a line above the head for the top part of Cinderella's hair. To the left, draw a C-shaped line for the top, left side of the hair.


Draw Cinderella Dress 17

Step 17: Darken the right side of the intial circle and draw a small circle at the bottom for part of the headband. Add another curved line to the right to finish up the shape of Cinderella's headband.


Draw Cinderella Dress 18

Step 18: Follow the basic path of the guides to create the shape of Cinderella's face. The line for the face should come inward a bit near the eye to create the cheekbone. Make the bottom part of the arc rounder so that the chin isn't too pointy.


Draw Cinderella Dress 19

Step 19: Draw the back portion of the hair by first drawing a curved line high above the head for the bun. Continue drawing that same line down to the right side of the head so that it ends to the right of the neck. Now draw a C- shaped line above the head for the left side of Cinderella's bun.

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