Draw Cinderella Dress 25

Step 25: Use the line on the right side of the torso as a guide to draw Cinderella's other arm. Sketch lightly at first as you follow the basic path of the guide and create the shape of the arm. The arm should be thin near the middle to create the elbow joint. It should also be thin near the bottom for the wrist. The lower edge of the arm should almost touch the bottom part of the dress.

When you get the shape of the arm right, darken the lines. The fingers will be behind the dress, so only draw Cinderella's thumb as a small, thin arc on the top part of the initial circle. Add a small, curved line inside the arm, near the top, for the glove.


Draw Cinderella Dress 26

Step 26: Use the initial triangle shape as a guide to draw Cinderella's torso. Darken the outer edges of the triangle to create the sides of the body. Draw a curved line from one shoulder to the other to create the top part of the dress. Don't draw this curved line too low on the torso.


Draw Cinderella Dress 27

Step 27: Draw the two puffy sections of Cinderella's dress right under the torso. These shapes are curvy at the top and then end at a pointy tip on the sides of the dress. The top curved sections of the shapes should come together right on the tip of the initial triangle guide. The shape on the right should be a bit smaller because she will be pulling on the dress.


Draw Cinderella Dress 28

Step 28: Draw four lines across the middle of the dress to emphasize the design. Start with the two outer lines first. Sketch lightly to determine the position of the lines. The line on the right should bend a bit near the middle because Cinderella is pulling on the dress. Now add the two lines in the middle. The lines should all come from the same point at the top and get wider at the bottom. Space the lines pretty evenly. Add a series of curved lines at the bottom for the lower edge of the dress.


Draw Cinderella Dress 29

Step 29: Darken the line on the left side to create the side of the dress. For the right side of the dress, draw a line that goes over the initial circle to cover Cinderella's hand, so only the thumb shows. Then curve the line down and join it to the initial guide to finish the shape of the dress.

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