Draw Taz Step 11

Step 11: Draw a big lopsided oval below the horizontal construction line for Taz's nose. Shade it in except for a smaller oval within it that represents glare. Draw a couple of whiskers on either side of his mouth and a few dots for detail.


Draw Taz Step 12

Step 12: Using the main egg shape as a guide, draw in the rest of Taz's body. Make sure you draw a few jagged angles at the top of his cheeks to represent tufts of fur.


Draw Taz Step 13

Step 13: Tighten the shapes of Taz's eyes by drawing thicker lines. Draw a few jagged edges at the top of the curves for a more rugged, furry look and shade in the shapes.


Draw Taz Step 14

Step 14: Draw in small ovals inside Taz's eyes for pupils and shade them in. Above each eye draw a curved line to represent his brow and where his eyes meet draw a line to indicate a wrinkle when Taz furrows his brow.


Draw Taz Step 15

Step 15: Add Taz's ears by drawing a couple of C-shaped curves on top of his cheeks. Then draw in a curve inside each of these curves for the inside of his ears.

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