Draw Taz Step 16

Step 16: Tighten the top of Taz's head by drawing a series of curves with jagged edges. Draw two jagged spikes of fur near his ears as his "devil horns" and draw more curves in the middle of his head for his top tuft.


Draw Taz Step 17

Step 17: Draw in the left arm by using the guides. Tighten the shape of Taz's arm and draw tufts of fur at his elbow. Thicken up his fingers and round them out.


Draw Taz Step 18

Step 18: Do the same thing for the right arm, and this time draw spiked tufts of fur not only on his elbow but Taz's shoulder, as well. Tighten Taz's hand too.


Draw Taz Step 19

Step 19: Using the guide for Taz's leg, tighten the left leg first. Draw a few furry tufts at the knee and draw three toes using curves at the end of his foot.


Draw Taz Final Step

Step 20: Do the same thing for the right leg. Don't forget to draw Taz's furry knees and three toes!

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