Draw Freddy Fazbear 11

Step 11: Right on top of where the two construction lines intersect, draw Freddy Fazbear's nose. The nose is round at the top and forms a slight point at the bottom.


Draw Freddy Fazbear 12

Step 12: Draw the top part of the muzzle right below Freddy Fazbear's nose. This shape consists of a line that starts at one side of the nose. The line curves down toward the lower edge of the main circle, then moves back up to the other side of the nose. Add a line in the middle that splits the muzzle and draw a few dots on either side for extra detail.

Draw Freddy Fazbear 13

Step 13: Use the arc under the main circle as a guide to draw Freddy Fazbear's lower jaw. Darken the guide line but make it a bit more round at the ends. Add another line with a similar curve within the shape for the inside portion of the jaw.


Draw Freddy Fazbear 14

Step 14: Freddy Fazbear's head is tilting downward, so only the bottom teeth will be visible. Draw the first two middle teeth as rectangular shapes at the bottom of the jaw.

Draw Freddy Fazbear 15

Step 15: Now add the remaining teeth on either side of the first two. There are three more teeth on each side, and they get smaller the farther back in the jaw they are.

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