Draw Garnet Steven Universe 6

Step 6: Add a big square that surrounds the head as a guide for Garnet's hair. Notice that the bottom left side of the square rests behind the body, and, therefore, the lines don't overlap.


Draw Garnet Steven Universe 7

Step 7: Draw another half-circle on the top left side of the body as a guide for Garnet's other shoulder. It's only a half-circle because it's behind the hair. Under it, draw another angled line for the other arm. At the bottom end of the line, draw a rectangle-like shape for the other hand.


Draw Garnet Steven Universe 8

Step 8: Under the body, draw two long curved lines as a guide for the top part of Garnet's legs. These lines should be similar to the letter U.


Draw Garnet Steven Universe 9

Step 9: Draw a long shape under the curved lines as a guide for the bottom part of Garnet's legs. These shapes are kind of like warped ovals. They're wide and curved at the top, and thin and narrow at the bottom. Use the image above as reference for the shapes.


Draw Garnet Steven Universe 10

Step 10: Add another shape under each leg as a guide for Garnet's feet. The foot on the left will be facing forward, so the shape should be similar to a triangle with the top corner missing. The foot on the right will be facing right, so this shape should be wider, and the lower right corner farther to the right too.

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