Draw Garnet Steven Universe 16

Step 16: Draw the arm on the left side by using the initial shapes and lines as guides. Darken the shape of the circle at the top for Garnet's big shoulder pad. Follow the path of the angled line and make the shape bigger to create her arm. Draw the hand using the pentagon shape as a guide and add a few curved lines at the tip for the fingers. Add a few more curved lines to create the long glove that goes up to the elbow.


Draw Garnet Steven Universe 17

Step 17: Use the big square around the head as a guide to draw Garnet's hair. Follow the path of the guide but make the corners rounder. The sides of the hair should also come in toward the head a little.


Draw Garnet Steven Universe 18

Step 18: Now draw the arm on the right by using the initial shapes and lines as guides the same way as with the arm on the left. Darken the circle on top for Garnet's shoulder pad and thicken up the shape of the arm by following the angled line. At the bottom, draw the hand and the fingers by using a series of curved lines.


Draw Garnet Steven Universe 19

Step 19: Darken the top oval to create the top part of Garnet's torso. Inside the shape, draw an angled line to create a shape similar to a half-star.


Draw Garnet Steven Universe 20

Step 20: Use the initial shapes as guides to draw the leg on the left. Follow the basic path of the shapes as you darken the lines. Make the shape a bit wider near the middle for Garnet's knee and near the bottom for her ankle.

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